Aquaflush Compact

Rectal irrigation by Aquaflush


Designed and developed in the UK, this range of innovative trans-anal irrigation systems use materials that make them easy to use and work brilliantly.

The Aquaflush Compact has been designed with you in mind by providing a system that is quick, easy to learn and safe to use. Aquaflush Compact is designed for those who only need a small amount of water when irrigating.

Main Features

  1. Super-smooth silicone cone with rounded tip
  2. Washbag for discrete storage (Starter Kit only)
  3. Hand pump to easily control speed of irrigation
  4. Easy to use ‘click/close’ connectors with a one-way valve to prevent dirty water entering the system, a unique feature of Aquaflush (see pic)

How it works

Aquaflush Compact introduces a measured amount of lukewarm water into the rectum by inserting a cone into the rectum and squeezing the pump once. This can be done using only one hand. A non-return valve prevents the dirty water running back into the system. The water, along with the stool in the rectum, is then emptied into the toilet. An extension tube can be added to the pump if needed. The process can be repeated 2–3 times if required.

Practical Tips

You should consult with your health professional about your specific situation prior to commencing with rectal irrigation.

Before you start make sure you have everything you are likely to need to handAll our cones are supplied with a water based lubricant to put on the cone for easier insertion. Extra disposable plastic gloves, wet wipes and a waste bin with disposable plastic liner may also be useful.

Use the strap to secure the tubing to your leg so the pump is in easy reachOne strap is provided with the Aquaflush Starter Systems or available separately (AFStrap).

Use the extension tube to increase the length of tubing for ease of use
One extension tube is provided with the Aquaflush Starter Systems or available separately (AFExtn).

Important Information

If you are using bowel medication such as laxatives it is important to continue with them until your Health Care Professional advises you otherwise. Very severe constipation or impaction needs to be resolved before commencing rectal irrigation. Your Health Care Professional can help you. Always drink plenty of water (1.5–2 litres a day). Eat plenty of fibre (5 pieces fruit/veg a day). Once severe constipation is resolved regular rectal irrigation will help prevent future episodes.


No pain should be experienced during any part of the irrigation process. If at any stage in the process you experience any pain stop immediately and contact your Healthcare Professional. If it continues, or is accompanied by bleeding or vomiting, then seek emergency medical advice immediately.


On occasions there may be spots of blood on the cone or in the toilet. Do not worry but if it keeps occurring then mention it to your Healthcare Professional. Sudden major bleeding requires emergency medical attention.

Abdominal spasms/cramps

Check the temperature of the water is not too high or low. Pump the water in more slowly. Allow any gas to pass. Some people experience abdominal spasms as part of the bowel emptying process. If it has always been a feature of your bowel emptying then you may find it is slightly more severe during irrigation.

Feeling sick or bloated during/after the irrigation

It is not unusual for people to feel a bit unwell during or immediately after irrigation.

These symptoms should pass quickly:

• Nausea

• Light headedness/dizziness

• Goose-bumps

• Sweating

• Palpitations

It makes sense to ensure there is someone near at hand that can help you for the first few irrigations


People have been using rectal irrigation since ancient times. If you have been assessed by a qualified Health Care Professional and correctly instructed to use the system then the risk of complications is minimal. Some people experience a little discomfort or bleeding. correct insertion and responsible use of the system at all times will ensure there are no complications. Pumping in too much water or damaging the bowel with water that is too hot can also be a complication so ensure the water temperature is correct and you are pumping in the recommended volume

IMPORTANT: For people with Spinal injuries at or above lesion level T6 only

If you have such a spinal injury you should be aware of a condition called Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD) sometimes also known as Hyperreflexia. It is an autonomic reflex causing a sudden, severe, increase in blood pressure in response to pain
or discomfort, usually originating below the level of paralysis. Tetraplegics are more prone to this complication. It is a medical emergency. We strongly recommend that you talk to your prescribing Health Care Professional about this before commencing rectal irrigation.

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