Drainage Bottle 2 Litre

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2 Litre Bottle

All components included as a kit

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Urocare 2 Litre Bottle and 1.5metre tubing.

comes with all the components required for setup. Additional tubing (6061 or 6060) and parts can be purchased separately

Specific Product Features

Washable urinary drainage bottle, large open bottle neck for easy cleaning, cost effective, anti-reflux device or O-Ring.

Specific Product Information

The 2 Litre drainage bottle is a re-usable device that you can attach to your leg bag for overnight drainage. You can use either use an anti-reflux device or an O-Ring for unimpeded drainage. Spare parts are available such as the tubing, anti-reflux device, O-ring and lid. Its easy to wash with Urosol, simply pour a capful of Urosol into the bottle with warm water and agitate. Empty into the toilet or laundry sink then flush with water and let dry. Do not use cleaners such as Bleach or Miltons.