Bendi Bag 1.3 Ltr Non Sterile (Graduated Adaptor)

by Manfred Sauer GMBH

The Bendi Bag is manufactured in Germany


The Non-Sterile Sauer Bendi Bag is a 1.3 Litre bag and comes with an anti-reflux device. The 1.3 litre Bendi Bag is 44cm long and 16.5cm wide tapering to 11cm at the bottom of the bag. The shape of the belly bag allows it to strap above the knee and helps to stop it slipping down the leg when it is full. The shape also allows the bag to be worn in different angles people in different seating position. The Bendi bag comes with 3 different inlet tubing lengths 12cm, 22cm and 35cm (adjustable tubing length) and three different style of taps, Swing tap, Blue Turn Tap and Sliding Tap.

These bags are manufactured in Germany and are double seamed. They undergo rigorous inspection processes and can be reliably worn for 7 days

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Weight 1 kg