IS CATH Coude- Male No-Touch

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This product is manufactured in Germany.

by Manfred Sauer

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IS Cath Coude (No-Touch)

12 -18Fr (French), 42cm long, Box of 30

Specific Product Features-Sterile, Single use, Tapered Coude Tip, Opens at the tip end smooth surface, 2 polished eyelets, DEHP and BPA Free, Sterile No-Touch device included in each packet Sizes 12-18Fr

Specific Product Information

IS Cath No-Touch is a Coude No-Touch intermittent catheter. IS Cath No- Touch has been designed for community use and the catheter packaging opens at the tip end. The user is easily able to lubricate the IS Catheter whilst it is still in its sterile field. They can the use the No-Touch grip to insert the catheter without touching it, making clean catheterisation easy. The Coude tip assists in catheterisation