Latex Leg Bag Sport 9516 Right 16 Oz.

At a glance:

Made by Urocare

Washable re-usable leg bag.


Urocare Latex Leg Bag-Sport Right, Large

Washable re-usable500ml latex leg bag

Specific Product Features -Contains Latex, Washable, Re-usable, Many accessories to find the right system. A strong seamless bag

Specific Product Information

This Bag is designed to be worn on the right leg and under shorts or a skirt. The 500ml bag is highly robust and will last about 6-12months. Wash with Urosol. Comes with elasticated straps and you can purchase Special wide cotton leg straps for this bag. If a new part is required for this bag such as the little red valve (6001) or the O-Ring (6000) they can be purchased separately, If condom drainage is being used the O-ring works really well for straight through flow into the bag.