Urofoam I

At a glance:

Made by Urocare

for external use on both adhesive and non adhesive sheaths


Urofoam I

15mm wide150mmm long Box of 50

Single use, Single sided adhesive foam strips applied to outside of sheath

Specific Product Information

Urofoam I is a single sided adhesive foam strip. Urofoam I is applied on the outside of a sheath to hold the sheath on the penis. Urofoam I can be used with both self adhesive and non-adhesive sheaths.

Stockist Detail

Medical Store

Name : Medical Store
Email : customerservice@medicalstore.com.au
Website : medicalstore.com.au


Name : Brightsky
Phone : 1300 88 66 01

Independence Australia

Name : Independence Australia
Phone : 1300 788 855