Uro-Cath with double sided foam strip

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Made by Urocare

non-adhesive male sheath. Contains latex.

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30,35 and 40 mm non-adhesive Latex condom with double sided foam adhesive. Box of 50

Specific Product Features

Contains Latex Comfortable as they stretch. Attach with single-sided or double sided foam. Attach sheath tubing directly to leg bag or tubing. Each Uro-Cath is a latex sheath that connects directly to a urine bag. The foam is wrapped around the penis shaft and the sheath is rolled over the head and shaft of the penis. Make sure you press the sheath over the foam strip to ensure a good seal. Uro-Cath is a non adhesive sheath that uses a double sided foam.

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Medical Store -Sheaths

Name : Medical Store -Sheaths
Website : https://www.medicalstore.com.au/male/sheaths


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