Uro-Con Latex Condoms non adhesive

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Made by Urocare

non-adhesive male sheath. Contains latex.

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Uro-Con?25, 30 and 35mm non-adhesive Latex condoms that come as a Box of 100

Specific Product Features

Contains Latex. Comfortable as they stretch. Attach with UroBond, single-sided or double sided foam use with the 6007 inserts and 6008 white rubber tubing

Specific Product Information

Each Uro-Con catheter is a thin, latex sheath similar to a condom. The Uro-Con is rolled over the head and shaft of the penis and is attached to a 4″(10cm) or 2″(5cm) white-silicone tube, where urine is drained from into a bag or other collection device, by a plastic catheter insert. Using a Condom type sheath makes these catheters fully collapsible ?to prevent pooled urine a major cause of skin irritation and break-down. If you would like to build your own male external catheter to get just the right fit, size or a custom tube length then you are in the right place. Use the components 6007 and 6008 (which are sold separately), that are used to make-up the Uro-Con male external catheters: Condom sheaths, inserts and tubing.

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