What is a Male External Catheter (Sheath, Uridome)

A male external catheter is a device the fits over the Penis and is used to channel urine from the penis into a leg bag or bottle. In the 60s and 70’s a standard condom was used. You then had to make a hotel in the condom connect it to a urine bag for drainage. This could be fiddly and time consuming.

In more recent times the newer male external catheters come with a tube integrated into the sheath itself and they are also self adhesive, a much easier system.

Catheters originally were made of latex and they now also come in both silicone and co-polymer forms. Silicone Sheaths do allow you to assess skin integrity as they are see through. The P-Sure Co-Polymer is very stretchy material making them comfortable to wear.

Male External Catheter – the benefits

Male External Catheters are an effective way of managing urine flow for a male rather than the uncertainty that a pad may cause. A male external catheter can channel the urine into a bag a very efficient manner of urine control, you are just extending the plumbing so to speak.

Male External Catheter – easy to use

If you have been sized correctly by a continence nurse Male external Catheters normal can be used for a full day providing an easy method for urine control.

Male External Catheters – what to watch

There is nothing more frustrating than product you are relying on is not working as expected. With a urine drainage product this can be very embarrassing. The sheaths Sayco sells are from 2 high quality manufacturers and are generally well received in the Australian market place

 Factors to consider:

  • do you have the right size and length of sheath?
  • Have you changed your routine
  • Are you using different soap to clean the area
  • Is it humid, are you anxious  or are you sweating more
  • Is something pulling or tugging the sheath and making the adhesive seal  less stable?
  • Do you have a urinay tract infection?
  • How long have you been using them?

Hygiene items such as soap you use can affect the ability of a sheath to stick to the penile shaft and sometimes change in those products can affect this.  If it is summer or late spring Humidity or sweating can affect the ability of the sheath to adhere properly.

Often a person given a male external catheter in a hospital setting may not have been sized correctly. A consultation with an experienced continence nurse would be best to ensure a correct fitting. We can also supply a paper tape ruler so you can work our you correct size

If a person has a urinary tract infection this can cause issues as often a person will experience an urgent and fast urination response. This pressure of this sudden uriniation can affect the glue adhering to the skin and cause the sheath to eventually come loose.

If you have been using a sheath over many years your skin may change and harden due the many times you have rolled on and removed a glued sheath from your skin. After many years the sheath no longer seems to stick as well and this could cause problems.


  1. Use the stronger adhesive sheath P-Sure Blue  or glue code number 50.22.Manfred Sauer has sheath range called P-Sure. It has 2 different glue strengths for this very reason. You are meant to start with the standard strength adhesive sheath and when the above occurs you have a stronger adhesive system to use. Manfred Sauer also has a range of glue that 50.20 standard and 50.22 stronger latex glue.
  2. When customers are using a self adhesive sheath you could use a single sided foam (Urocare code no. 5100) and wrap this around the outside of the sheath? This may help assist in keeping the sheath adhered to the skin.
  3. Sayco also has an external catheter strap. Th external catheter strap is a hook and loop elastic fastening device that can assist customers with sheath wear.
  4. people in trying to maximise wear time of condom drainage.
  5. Try different sheath types, sizes and lengths.